Monday, 20 February 2012

Blog training with Claire Mackaness

I was taught how to build my own blog on Wednesday by Claire Mackaness and it was a lot of fun. She came to my house (with delicious cupcakes and a sample of her YIAH Mediterranean risotto mix) and showed me one to one how to set it all up in the comfort of my own office. I could have done the basic stuff myself, setting it up, making it look pretty etc but Claire added value to the whole thing by sharing her knowledge in some things that I would never have found out simply by having a play and looking around the site. She showed me how to schedule the publish dates, so that when I find myself on a bit of a roll and I start going on a tangent to a different subject, I can cover several releases in one session. This is an excellent time management tool too, as sometimes making time for an activity is a lot harder than actually executing it. She showed me how to add extra features and gadgets including some that are available that I would have otherwise not known about, and she showed me how to add links to my blog texts.

She also showed me various methods of adding pictures to my blog entries and this is where the fun really began. Not only did she show me how to copy a link to an existing picture on the web, but she also took me into my garden and it's hard to explain, but she taught me how to view my world in blog entry pictures. We got creative in the kitchen collecting ingredients from the last meal I cooked for my baby to support a blog entry, we took photographs of my greenhouse so I can show all my readers where the magic happens. We took pictures of my currently naked vegetable patch, the compost heap, the rustic apple tree branch fence, and the old apple tree swing at the bottom of my garden.  

I recommend training with Claire if you are considering starting your own blog because it really adds value to what you can include in it. Click this link for Claires' website, a two hour training session in a single discipline is £45. She also offers Twitter and Facebook training.   


  1. thanks Helene, it was a lot of fun. Glad to see your still on a blogging 'roll'

  2. Hi Helene

    Glad to see you are still keen to Blog. Claire got me started a while ago, but I have to admit I have let is slide for a long while. I will at sometime get her to give me some more lessons on how to follow peoples Blog. I shall be contacting you very soon about my garden re-furbishment. Would love to see more photo's of your own garden, especially your greenhouse, as mine desperately needs attention.