Friday, 24 February 2012

It's where the magic happens

In my garden, it’s where the magic happens. I love sowing seeds in the greenhouse, in fact I love working in the greenhouse full stop. It’s so relaxing and I love the mild temperate. When we moved in, repairing the broken panes was the first job I did in the garden. Sadly more have broken since and I need to repair them again. 

The first job my husband did in the garden was to reduce the crown of the apple tree. I’m not allowed to tell you how old the apple tree is because my mother-in-law grew it from seed when she was a child (the house was previously occupied from new by my husbands’ grandparents). Stupidly I was working in the greenhouse when he did it and was feet away from having a pane smashed on my head as a branch came tumbling down. My husband yelled my name, but I was a bit too stunned to respond. I think I might have been working in the greenhouse before he proceeded to work on the tree if I remember rightly… as a heap of branches lay on our lawn for the best part of a week I had an idea to make a small fence out of them to separate my vegetable patch from the lawn. My husband didn’t like the idea of doing it so being the headstrong person that I am, I announced that I will be doing it myself then! The following weekend I set out to build my fence. My husband watched and couldn’t help himself interfering as I hadn’t selected a method of executing the job that he would have. To be fair, his method was much better than mine and the fence looked great. He said it would only last a year as it would rot. That spring some of the branches used as posts had buds, which was interesting. It’s still there two years later. It might need a few extra branches to thicken it out a bit but it’s still standing. I love the way the grass grows long through it. I continued to grow vegetables from seed and began a battle with the slugs. I tried everything as naturally as possible before having to resort to pellets, I won’t be able to do that this year now little girl is walking. One of the natural methods we tried was introducing natural predators by building a small pond. This will need to be fenced off before long so that little girl can be safe.

There is a lot of junk in the greenhouse at the moment, where my husband has cheekily used it to store some items for Ellis & Mays over the winter. I told him it won't be long until I need the space back. As you can see from the photo above I also have a lot of repair work to be getting on with as mentioned before. My beds are currently all bare awaiting my seedlings which is very exciting. I'm considering spreading some green manure seeds again to supress weeds. The bees love Phacelia flowers and they're so pretty.

Apart from the greenhouse, my favourite spot in the garden is the south-east corner. It’s the last place to get the sunlight before nightfall. I begged my husband to build an extension to the patio to reach the spot, which he did in the summer. I usually have a little bench there. The space has been consumed by the log pile for now as above, but I will soon reclaim it as the days grow longer! When we were trying for a baby, my husband promised he would buy me an olive tree when we conceive. I didn’t receive it until after little girl was born, but I knew instantly that it would go in my favorite corner with the strawberry patch. Another lovely place to sit is in the “mini Stonehenge” that my husband built at the back of the garden by the apple tree. It’s slightly raised so you can look over the garden and it’s shaded so it’s nice with an ice lolly in the height of summer when it’s very hot and you’ve been hard at it weeding etc.The picture below doesn't do it enough justice, it has a curve to it, and my husband placed a cobbled footpath along the base. 

I am really looking forward to enjoying the garden with little girl this summer, not that I want to wish our lives away. 


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