Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Power Hoop

About a month ago, a friend of mine on Facebook asked if anyone would be interested in a Power Hoop class in Brentwood. I was really intrigued; I’ll try most things once! I did a bit of research and decided I really liked the idea of it, especially as my number one body niggle is my core. When I followed the Power Hoop link I saw that the hoops are weighted which ultimately makes it easier to gain the momentum and yet provides a degree of resistance. Their hoops are quite pricy so I went on Amazon. There was a big range. Unsure what weight I would be suited to I spent ages umming and ahhing over the reviews. Eventually I decided to buy a 1lb hoop. When it arrived I was excited and I gave it a go straight away but I was a bit disappointed that I found the 1lb was too light for me. It was still fun all the same, and it was challenging going anti-clockwise! My upper body also felt worked out as I had to keep my arms out of the way, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it with my arms relaxed. It’s actually quite good fun hooping around to MTV Dance and the movement feels really nice and feminine. 

I didn’t want to fork out for a heavier hoop, so I bought some steel garden wire and some electrical tape and added a bit more weight to my hoop DIY style! A week or so later my sister and I went to the B-fit expo in the London Excel Centre where Power Hoop had a stand and I had the opportunity to try a heavier hoop and I loved it, it’s also shaped so that it massages your core as you work out. I’m very gutted I went for the cheaper option, you certainly get what you pay for! I’ll eventually end up spending more de to the false economy! Whilst at the expo I purchased a DVD from Power Hoop to work out at home whilst I wait for the classes in Brentwood to start, which I have to admit I found a little bit boring and preferred to stick to free styling it with MTV Dance!

Because of the DVD I started to worry that the class being set up in Brentwood might be boring too, so when the date came I was actually dreading it! I had to go though because I had told my Facebook friend that I would and that’s just the way I am. When I walked in with my cheap DIY-extra-weight hoop the instructor took mine off me and replaced it with one of her 3lb hoops which worried me – could I do a whole hour with a 3lb hoop?

I needn’t have dreaded it or worried, the class was so much fun! Being the first one, we were all in the same beginner’s boat that it was really relaxed and fun. The instructor was also really good fun and encouraging – to my amazement she taught us all how to walk around with our hoops within the hour! I had tried this at home many times and simply failed! Some of the songs we hooped to and others we danced to, using the hoop as resistance for moves such as bicep curls. The hall was too small for us to move around too much so we’re going to look for a bigger one, but for now we are meeting on a Tuesday evening 8pm at the Knights Way Centre, Brentwood. The class is £6.00.  


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