Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Weighty Wednesday

I’m in between weights at the moment. I have a dumbbell tree but apart from any lateral lifts my medium weights (2.3kg) are too light and my large weights (4.5kg are a bit too heavy for anything other than bicep curls and squats! Ideally I need some 3kg dumbbells. I can’t really justify buying them as I will soon progress from them (hopefully). I thought I’d have as little look on eBay to see if anyone is selling a used pair locally. What I did find was someone selling some spinlock weights. I thought that would be perfect as I can alter the weight as I progress, and a pair of cast iron dumbbells will look better than my cheap vinyl ones!!! The ones on eBay were a bit further than I’m prepared to travel.

 I looked on Amazon for a new pair. They were £26.99 but I couldn’t really spend that without asking my husband first. When I suggested it he said yes on one condition – I have to cut his hair! Argh – I hate cutting his hair, he’s got a cyst on his head and I hate touching it now that it’s grown bigger (after pressure from the whole family, he finally went to the doctor, who says it’s fine).  Well, needless to say I cut his hair and then placed the order while he was in the shower.

I was really excited when they arrived and I assembled the dumbells for my ability ready for use in my regular workout the following morning. When I chose to buy these dumbells, I had only taken into account the weight of the round bits you put on the ends, and not the weight of the actual bar they attach to which are 1.25kgs each. So instead of attaching 1x1.25kg and 1x0.5kg to each end of the dumbells I only attached 1x1.25kg to each end making them 3.75kg each instead of the 3.5kg I was expecting but that's fine, it's only 0.25kg difference!

That afternoon I went to collect little girl from the childminders and when I got back, I found my husband stripped down to his underwear using them fully assembled in front of MTV dance! At the time I thought it was really funny, but I wasn't laughing when I woke up inthe morning to find I had to reassemble them for myself!  

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