Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Food - sometimes it doesn't pay to have an open mind

For an easy life I have my fruit, veg and milk delivered by Abel & Cole. It's much easier than going to the supermarket because I get tired of looking for the organic produce. I never understood why to bother with organics until I read Jillian Michaels' book "Master your Metabolism". It's a personal choice. I don't buy designer clothes or anything, I just eat well instead (or at least I try to!). 

You do have forewarning what will arrive in your veg box if you remember to log online and check, which I do on a Monday afternoon, and plan the rest of my groceries from there. You do have the option to ban fruit and vegetables you dislike, but I like to keep an open mind. Last week they delivered grapefruit. I remember grapefruit from my childhood. My parents were eating grapefruit with a cherry on top for breakfast. It looked very nice so I protested to eating my usual cereal, demanding that I have one too and I remember the yucky, sour bitterness and never ate another. 

Since my early childhood I have tried one Brussels Sprout every Christmas day to see if I like them yet. Well, I might not like Brussel Sprouts yet, but I have grown to like onions and tomatoes so I wondered whether I might like Grapefruit now. I looked up a rather tasty looking recipe online which involved caramelising the fruit under the grill with brown sugar and cinnamon and decided to give it a go. It smelled lovely, it looked lovely. I sat down to tuck in and no, it didn't taste too lovely. In fact it tasted like the smell of pink (grapefruit!) dettol. I persevered, wondering if the taste might grow on me, but no, it was no good. I do not like grapefruit, even caramelised.      

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