Friday, 16 March 2012

My Nutritional Advisor Course

I like running Ellis & Mays with my hubby, but I do miss having a bit of my own independence so he has finally agreed to let me do a Nutritional Advisor Course. I was very excited to get started so I devised a plan whereby I study for one hour every night after I put little girl to bed, and I have already completed my first assignment, in which I introduce myself an my rationale for taking the course.

I developed an interest in nutrition after having my little girl, who is now 14 months old. Not only have I been keen to loose the baby weight, but I have also been keen to make sure that she is getting all of the nutrients she needs. I remember basic classes in food science at school, but they barely scratched the surface, and I don’t want to pass my lack of knowledge down to my daughter. 

I wasn’t a skinny teenager, I was quite athletic because I played football every single day come rain or shine and I also used to enjoy running. When I left school and was interested in meeting friends as opposed to sports I slowly gained weight. I was overweight throughout my late teens through to my late twenties when I got divorced. I went on a very restrictive diet to cope with it, eating just one bowl of porridge for lunch and very little for dinner. I also got back into sports, playing rugby and then cycling every day. I maintained a very restrictive diet with high activity right up until I was pregnant aged 29. I used the pregnancy as an excuse to break free from the restriction and binge. I remember buying apple crumble off the sandwich man at work for breakfast. 

Since having my daughter I haven’t managed to shift the baby weight, my BMI is 28 and I store dangerous fat around my belly, so I am an apple shape. I am quite active but could be better, I play with my daughter as much as time allows, I love gardening and I am a member of the local running club. I have signed up for the London Duathlon Challenge distance event (10km run, 20km cycle, 5km run) 

I'm really looking forward to commencing outdoor cycle training in April, this is when my husband finishes his pike fishing season and can join me for endurance training at the weekends with our daughter on a baby seat. I think it will be great to mix training with family days out, we can pack a (healthy) picnic in my panniers and stop somewhere lovely to enjoy the scenery and a rest. Essex is full of lovely places to visit and hope to fill my blog with lovely day trips throughout the summer!  

I think I eat quite healthily and I suspect that the years of crash dieting have had an adverse affect on my metabolism. I don’t want to return to having just two small meals per day to loose the weight. I want to eat properly and I want to feed my daughter properly too. I hope this course will help me to do that. I hope that I will either learn that I have not been eating as well as I thought whilst trying to loose the baby weight, or learn how to restore the damage that I might have done to myself in the past. I have enjoyed the topic on super foods and look forward to reading more.

If I can go on to help others too, that would be a real bonus. My role within the landscaping business I run with my husband is very much behind the scenes so being a nutritionist part time will get me out of the office more and meet people which would be great. It gets very tiresome in the office on my own.

My daughter goes to a childminder 3 days per week, but as during this time I will be working for my husband, my plan is to study for at least one hour every evening after putting Jessica to bed. I consider this time much better spent than sitting in front of the television, which is one of my areas for improvement following completion of the questionnaire on page 21 of “Nutrition for Life”. Other areas identified for improvement included they type of snacks I choose to eat (currently bread & butter), how often I eat fish, my choice of meal when I eat out and to drink more alcohol (!). I hope that learning how food choices affect my health will boost my conviction for change.       

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