Saturday, 10 March 2012

P90X - my first day

I have completed the first workout for P90X! It was TOUGH! So tough that in the second round of chest & back I could only manage a single dive bomb! I couldn't do a single pull-up for love nor money so used my only resistance band, which wasn't really challenging enough regardless of how far away from the door I sat, so yet another purchase required. Damn, I'm gonna have a well kitted out gym at this rate! My husband was very unimpressed about drilling the end caps of the pull up bar into the door frame, he didn't get around to doing it last night so I made him do it at 6am before going fishing! The more fitness paraphanalia I get the more determined he gets to build my gym behind the greenhouse, not such a bad thing! The pull up bar was only £12.99 from Argos and was cheaper than a days' fishing so he can't grumble at me, especially as I borrowed P90X from my sister instead of buying it for £100 :-) 

Ab Ripper X, what can I say? Is it really possible to make moves like that? I can't wait until I can! I'm going to have to modify P90X to make it work for me by doing Ab ripper 100 or 200 from Power 90 instead and taking it from there! I'll try 200 next time and if I really strggle I'll take it down to 100 as I know I can do that!

I enjoyed tracking how many reps I could do as I go, it'll be great to see how much I improve. Watch this space!


The only crazy thing is that the 90 days ends two days after I fly out to the states for the in-laws 60th birthday getaway! How annoying is that?! Then I get to totally shock my body by resting up a bit on comparison to usual for a few weeks before moving on the next challenge! I need to think ahead though, I'm going to be in the states for 2.5 weeks and will need to continue duathlon training, so I will need to consider hiring a bike. Last time I went I took my laptop so taking a few exercise DVDs is an option but I'd much prefer to continue to get out there so one of my tasks for the day will be some research... 

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