Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Project Management

Up until two weeks ago my husband and I had clearly defined roles within the business. He took care of all operations, so he was the Project Manager and I did just about everything else; Estimating, Contract Administration, General Administration, Marketing, Book Keeping... 

Then we won a large domestic project in which my husbands expertise was required hands on full time as the client wanted him on the job. As a result he has been too busy to manage the other jobs we have won so I had to do it. Normally I think it would be fine in addition to my usual roles within the company but one of the jobs we won was delayed so our start date was postponed and I ended up trying to run two jobs with identical deadlines at the same time. In addition to this, one of our supervisors was unable to come in for a day so we had to send both our operatives out with a supervisor to one site! With deadlines looming I didn't want to worry the client at the other site so I had no choice but to get out there and work myself so there's a presence on site. Although I worry that I might have made a mild mockery of myself, I hope that I demonstrated commitment to my promise that we would complete on Friday. The following day I was told by our team that my efforts had been a real help which felt good. I think it's good to show the team as well as the client that I'm happy to muck in. 

That site finished on time which was important as they were having a marketing photo shoot the following day, so I breathed a huge sigh of relief and took lots of photographs. The other site was not completed as hoped on the Friday because we are piggy backing on the ground workers top soiling and they were not yet finished. As a result we are now using more man days than we had allowed for, but I have decided not to make an issue of it unless I need to.   

The good thing about doing some project management is that it gives me something front-line to talk about. I rarely get to blog about our work or can hardly think of anything to tweet because I'm not normally involved in operations, but I believe that this involvement will really help with our marketing.

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