Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Relaxing in the garden with a child and a pond!

I would like to be able to enjoy myself in the garden with my daughter, but for as long as the pond is there it would not be possible. I wouldn't be able to potter about in the greenhouse while my daughter explores because I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off her as she is so quick, so I reluctantly told my husband he has to coppice the apple tree to make a new fence or the pond has to come out. He didn't feel up to coppicing the apple tree, so he compromised by building a fence using off-cuts of timber we had saved from removing hoarding from one of our recent landscaping jobs. 

He said that the fence would just be "to-do" until he gets around to building a better one, but I was actually quite pleased with it. He cut he lengths at random and left them untreated to weather a bit. It's quite rustic and very sturdy so it'll be little girl proof for a while. 

Whilst Mr. Samuel built the fence, I sowed some seeds in the greenhouse and little girl ran around the garden as we called to each other "she's coming towards you now". It became apparent that the pond was just one of a host of troubles as she ran towards us with a face full of dirt where she decided to see if a pebble was edible. Whilst I'm sure that most children must eat some dirt in their early years, I couldn't help feeling concerned - there are a lot of cats in our area and I remember wearing gloves around the garden throughout my pregnancy because of them. 

I conclude that it's probably a bit too soon to be allowing little girl to explore the garden without full supervision, and I shall have to continue to limit my greenhouse work to nap times for the time being, or at least until she stops exploring with her mouth! I wonder how long that will be...  

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