Monday, 16 April 2012

Cycling with toddler

During our stay in Fife, we visited Tentsmuir Forest for a cycle ride. It was our first cycle ride using a new baby seat attachment for little girl.

I bought the seat from eBay, a steal at just £15. I decided to do this just in case she doesn't get on with it, or if we end up only using it once or twice. That way we wouldn't have wasted as much money.

Well, so far so good! Little girl really seemed to enjoy the ride (and seemed amused to see me riding a bike). We couldn't attach the seat to my bike because it wouldn't fit, so I get to see her reaction to having a little bit of wind in her hair despite being well sheltered sitting behind her Daddy! It's a shame it wouldn't fit on my bike because it means that we can only go out when hubby can make it but I have to admit some relief, I don't think I would be as confident with it as he is, even if I won't admit it (I know he will never read this!).

Riding in Tentsmuir was lovely. We cycled along a mixture of dirt track and gravel terrain, we got sea views, a random picnic bench at which we decided to stop for a banana and a some lovely views of the Firth/sea. The length of the ride was just perfect, and there was scope to ride further and visit a nearby loch if we chose to. Hubby was begining to feel a bit saddle sore which was fair enough given the fact it was our first cycle ride in some time, and the extra weight he's carrying! So we decided to go and get some fish and chips! Searching for fish & chips in Fife is a blog post in itself, it was near impossible!

Well, after the first cycle ride I am definitely happy with the seat  but there was one rather amusing flaw which was no fault of the seat itself - there were straps you can use to secure your child's foot but little girl managed to free her feet by removing her boots and kicked Daddy in the back a few times! This was our own fault because the boots are slightly too big, so we'll be using better fitting shoes next time! What amused me was the sight of the boots still secured to the seat when I first thought they'd fallen off! 

If we continue to use the seat I will definitely be buying her a new one. There's nothing wrong with the one we've got, but if it's something we might do more regularly I think it would be safer for her to have a first hand one. It goes against my principles as I like to recycle where possible but shouldn't I put safety first? What do you think? Am I being a neurotic Mother? 

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