Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Eyes Wide Shut

Okay, Since starting the business I've been frequenting the local copy shop often enough to have opened up a trade account but only today I realised "damn, the young chap who works there is actually rather attractive" and I giggled mid-conversation as I realised it, like a school girl! me! Incredible! But it's harmless like a Harry from One Direction kind of thing, far too young but very, very lovely!

Even so, why on earth have I only just noticed after all this time? Have I been walking around with my eyes shut? Is it my hormones? No. It has to be the hair cut.

I'm going to show my age now, but in his Nirvana days, drummer Dave Grohl with his long floppy hair wasn't really good looking at all, but then a hair cut later the guy's a stud! 

Minus the distraction of the hair, you can notice the jawbone and the eyes stand out more. It has to be the haircut...

But before you get the clippers out lads, don't go too far! My #1 celebrity crush of all time is of course no other than Ewan McGregor and even he looks dodgy with a crew cut!

And then how do we explain the guilty-as-charged One Direction Harry crush? He has floppy hair!

Who knows...?!

It's funny how now that I'm older and married, attraction has completely moved away from being something serious to something more humorous to the extent that I can be completely open about it like I am now, as I know that nothing will come of it. I can laugh about it instead - hahaha I fancy the young boy in the shop like some old granny!

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