Friday, 13 April 2012

Largo Law

We spent Easter in Scotland with my Husband’s family and stayed with his Aunt and Uncle in Lundin Links.

One of my goals of the year is to go to the Lake District in September climb a mountain, so I took a great interest in the scenery when we stopped at Tebay services on the way, which has lovely panoramic windows in the seated area looking over a duck pond, which little girl loved!

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Lundin Links was Largo Law dominating the view on the horizon. My husband suggested giving it a go as a practice for the Lake District, it didn't take any persuading and we agreed to do it the following day.

My husband insisted on bringing little girl with us on his shoulders despite warnings of it's steepness from his Aunt, so we planned to go after her nap so that she would be in good spirits. I was excited, and for once hoped that she wouldn't nap for too long! 

We packed a bag with water and snacks and when little girl woke up we made our way to the car park by the cemetery.

We walked past a farm to reach the foot of our climb, by which time I was already getting warm enough to remove my fleece and I'm pleased I did. From the very beginning the climb is steep and high. There were points where I was scared that if I leaned back I would fall and I have to admit that I really was scared! It got so steep I was on all fours towards what I thought was the peak! At that point the terrain then eased off a bit and I looked up to see a second steep leg to the top! I was a bit shocked and said to my husband that I couldn't do it, but he managed to convince me that I could!

During the "second leg" we hit a bit of rain which made things a little greasy and extra scary but we did it, we reached to top! It was windy and cold but amazing, it felt good to reach the top after a challenging ascent and of course the views were lovely, we could see the sea and other hills in the distance. We took some photographs and when the excitement of reaching the top had worn off a bit I started to feel cold. I wanted to hurry up and get out of the cold, so much so that it helped me to overcome my nervousness about the steep descent!

I did some of the descent on my bottom and my jeans were really muddy by the end of it! When we returned to the foot of the hill we sat down and gave little girl her lunch. We were passed by another family about to climb who asked us how long it took us. I took my phone out and it was 16.02 which was funny because it had been 15.02 when we passed the farm buildings on our way up, so it had taken less than an hour.

It's funny that I had felt so scared when the hill is only 290m high. I should imagine that I will find the Lake District very scary, but I still intend to try it!

When we returned to the car, I noticed the most impressive Monkey Puzzle I have ever seen in the cemetery!


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