Friday, 27 April 2012

Nasty Neighbours :-(

A few weeks ago I was shocked to hear from my husband that there was a hole in the fence at the back of the garden, and dog poo on our lawn. The shock very quickly turned to fury as I stormed out into the garden to see it for myself. My husband had already fixed the hole in the fence but on our lawn was not one, but five piles of poo - FIVE! I was livid - what if little girl had found it before we did?! I counted how many houses down they were and my husband had to restrain me from going round there to shout at them like some sort of mouthy chav! I instantly phoned the police and can you believe it, there's nothing they can do unless the fence belongs to us, and then all you can do it claim criminal damage! All sorts of angry, petty things went through my mind such as "if it's not illegal then I'll empty little girls' nappies over then fence and see how they like it!"

My husband had to restrain me from going round there to shout at them like some sort of mouthy chav!

Later that day I saw my next door neighbor and I asked her if she's had any problems as she too has a boundary with the same property. She said that she had problems with it all last summer, they've practically damaged her fence and and they ignored two letters she put through their door. What a cheek!

Yesterday my neighbor said the dog had strayed into her garden again and had almost caused an accident, so she had reported it as a stray to the RSPCA and asked me to back up her claim. I thought it was a good idea because the owners clearly can't be bothered to look after the poor thing properly. The man at the RSPCA said that they can't do anything because if the dog has a garden (and others) to roam in then it is okay! The man told me to report it to the council - environmental health for the poo and dog warden for the straying so I did just that. The lady at the council was really sympathetic and is going to start an investigation. I really hope this will put an end to their antisocial behaviour, otherwise the man at the RSPCA said the next step is the citizens advice bureau and legal action.   

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