Friday, 20 April 2012

New Challenge!

Okay, so P90X didn't work out for me because I got ill and from there I started making excuses. Next thing I know for the first time since xmas I've stopped getting up early every day to work out and I've gained a nasty bit of weight around my midriff. It's frustrating because I was doing so well. 

I need to get off of this slippery slide and rein myself back onto the straight and narrow. I have thus decided to set myself a neat little challenge to get back on focus. The challenge is: 

7 weeks to loose a stone @ 2lbs per week!

I'm going to rely on exercise and cutting out all sweet foods to curb my sugar cravings for once and for all! I must remember the taste only lasts for a little while! From this day onwards my desert will be a nice, hot drink! I know I can do it! 

Today's plan of attack was to start waking up early again and start ChaLEAN Extreme. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get up early as little girl woke a lot through the night and ended up in bed with us. I didn't allow myself to use it as an excuse and did it while she ate her breakfast. She started grizzling half way through because she'd had enough and was ready to get down from the table so I hit pause, cleaned her up and let her down. Trouble with this is that she wanted to join in and stole one of my weights to play with! So I hit pause again and gabbed some tiny weights from upstairs just for her! I enjoyed the workout, it was nice to do half the time of P90X, and focus was on the upper back, which I'd love to tone. Chalene is beautiful and so inspiring. I hope I manage to stick with this program and pack a resistance band when we go on our next holiday! 

I also plan to run tonight with the running club. I am eating 4 prunes on waking for workout energy, high protein yoghurt with honey and flax seed after working out and then protein and fibre rich foods every 3 hours thereafter, so plenty of brown bread and rice, and tuna, salmon and eggs. My nutrition course is really helping me to sort my diet out. Wish me luck everyone! I really hope I can do it this time! NO! I AM, AM, AM going to do it this time :-)

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  1. Have you considered Herbalife hun? Both Mr Mack and I are on it and it's fab!