Monday, 23 April 2012


I was surfing the spark people website whilst sipping my morning cup of coffee and I came across an article about rewarding yourself. To be honest the biggest reward of weight loss is free - the confidence and elation you get from being smaller, choosing the next size down, fitting into some old clothes. Achieving the weight loss is a reward in itself. But as I write this I get clarity in what they mean, it's a long process and reward along the way keeps you focused, or motivated! 
"long Journey" by Susanne Scheunke
 So, what do you do to reward yourselves, and when do you do it? Do you reward yourself for fitness milestones, or for weight loss ones, or both? I didn't get past week 2 of P90X, and stopped EASA2 with just a few weeks left to do. I would love to actually complete a programme! I think I should reward myself for each phase of Charlean Exteme (which I only started last week) I complete, but with part 2 of a huge VAT bill looming next month it has to be an inexpensive reward... Maybe I'll keep an eye out on groupon for a deal for a relaxing spa massage to give my muscles a treat after all the burn! And then if I complete my 14 lbs in 7 weeks challenge I will reward myself with a fake bake, after seeing how amazing your muscles look with a tan in Jodie marsh's programme I think it would be a great treat (not that I think just a stone will make me look that good, or just 7 weeks of Chalean extreme but I'll be getting there hahaha) and it will make me feel good. Oh, and it'll be safer than sunbathing to achieve the tan! Hopefully if I keep my eyes peeled I will be able to find these rewards cheaply! It seems silly to jeopardise your financial goals to reward your health & fitness goals, but I guess that's a matter of priority. At the end of the day you are spending the money you would spend anyway on something else, on making yourself more motivated towards your health goals and much more likely to be successful. With that being the case, my verdict would be that it's money well spent and I would therefore rest my case! 
  I can now treat myself for milestone successes guilt-free! After all it's not as if I'd be rewarding myself with fine jewellery or an entire new wardrobe :-)

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