Monday, 14 May 2012

Are you living your truth?

This morning I received an email from Chalene Johnson to say that Brendon Burchard is giving away free pre-order copies of his book, "The Charge". Out of curiosity I had a look at the link and decided to order it. All I had to pay was the postage. There was no overseas option, so I hope it will arrive okay... 

After making payment I was forwarded to a new page with a 30 minute video. I hit pause and decided to wait until lunch and have a listen whilst eating my salad. The video was good, Brendon talked me through 6 high performance factors. I shouldn't give too much away, but one of the factors was psychology and the reason why e act in ways that we do. Brendon coached that you should ask yourself two questions on this subject several times per day. 

1 - What 3 words should define who I am as a person? 

2 - What 3 words should define how I should interact with others?

These are not questions about the person you perceive yourself to be, they are about the kind of person you think you should be, or that you aspire to be.

At first I found this exercise hard, but then I turned the question around - it was much easier to state what words should NOT define me and choose an antonym! For example, I dislike people who are pretentious, lie and do not take responsibility for their actions. From there I chose: 

I should be humble, honest, and responsible

I should interact with others respectfully and optimistically, with open-mindedness.

I you want to do this exercise for yourself visit one of my favourite blog pages, it's by Celestine Chua and it's titled 101 ways to be a better person

If you do this too, please use the comments below to let me know what your truth is, I'm curious :-) 

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