Friday, 11 May 2012

Breakfast like a King

I've recently been trying to beef up my breakfasts, and I've been ordering more eggs. Through my nutrition course I have learned that it's saturated fats that give you cholesterol, not the cholesterol present in eggs and shellfish etc. So long as the rest of your diet is healthy, you should take advantage of the proteins available from the likes of shellfish and eggs.

I have learned that having a breakfast like a King does not mean you spend ages preparing yourself a fry up every morning, not at all. In fact, if you take a look at a full English breakfast and remove the less healthy aspects of it, such as processed meats (bacon and sausage) and hash browns, you are left with the healthy bits - grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, baked beans and scrambled egg. If your toast is wholemeal that too is fantastic.

This is where a microwave is my saviour - I can scramble an egg in a matter of minutes and then put on a small bowl of beans. Meanwhile I am toasting a slice of wholemeal bread and "Bam" I have a hot breakfast in minutes for both me and little girl (and Mr Samuel when he's not on site). At the weekend I can have the time to make the extra effort of grilling the mushroom and tomato if I want to.

Personally I like to eat small meals frequently so I usually have a single slice of toast and share a scrambled egg with little girl. There are days when I really fancy my egg fried, so I do this with coconut oil because it's better for you and it tastes fabulous! You only need a small spoon. It scoops out of the jar solid, but like butter or margarine the heat quickly turns it into an oil.

There are days when we fancy something different to we do omelette with half fat cheese or wholemeal flour pancakes which I've blogged about before. You will be surprised how quickly you can make these breakfasts, they really take hardly any extra time than pouring yourself a bowl of cereal. Also, it is so much more satisfying sitting down to a hot breakfast and you've taken the extra few minutes to prepare. It really does set you up for the day :-)

Eggs really are the quickest and most versatile ingredient for a satisfying breakfast, but if you are still worried about the cholesterol and are preparing breakfast for more than one, consider using one whole egg and for the rest of the eggs, use the whites only. There is plenty of protein in egg white alone (there's approx. 6g protein in an egg with it's yolk and approx. 4g protein in egg white, but all of the nutrients are in the yolk). 

Ground flaxseed is a super food worth considering adding to foods. For a while I tried adding it to my Greek yoghurt and honey. I didn't enjoy that so much as it made the smooth texture of the yoghurt rough and crunchy. I recently added it to my porridge and it was delicious, I buy large old-fashioned oats (lower GI than the instant kind) and the flaxseeds it really added to the interest of the taste. I sweeten my porridge with agave nectar, which is lower GI than maple syrup. I recommend it - it's like a cross between syrup and honey, very delicious. It's sweetness is also not overpowering, so it is nice and subtle. Again, porridge is a great hot breakfast that only takes a moment to prepare.  

Try hot breakfasts for a week and let me know how you get on. I recommend buying in extra eggs and fridge packs of baked beans. For omelettes I find tomatoes, sweet peppers and mushrooms work really well but again, I'd love to hear your ideas.  

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  1. I used to have this for breakfast - A slice of toasted multiseed bread, one scrambled egg and a slice or two of sandwich smoked salmon. AMAZING!

    You're right, though, if you can find the time to have eggs and beans for breakfast, do it! x

    Nim x