Wednesday, 9 May 2012

ChaLEAN Extreme update

I'm now in the second week of ChaLEAN Extreme, so I know what I'm in for over the coming 2 and a half weeks. On Saturday I "we" did a half hour of cardio followed by 20 mins yoga style stretching. I did pretty well, I had to switch to the low intensity options a few times. I'm really pleased, now I know what's coming over the next few weeks and that I've enjoyed all the workouts I'm more confident I can see this programme through. 
 If I'm totally honest with myself I knew I wouldn't see P90X through from the end of week 1 because the plyometrics and the yoga were too advanced for me but ChaLEAN Extreme is challenging and fun and I don't feel at all out of my depth. 
I have had to make some changes to make it work for me though. I run on Mondays and Wednesdays so on Thursdays mornings when I do burn intervals I find it really tough. I worked out that if I drop back and repeat two days of the programme, it will mean that in future my rest days fall after a run, so tomorrow I will be on day 10 instead of 12. 
Because I hate my spare tyre so much I also decided to do the ab burner after every strength training circuit, so I do it 3 times a week instead of one after burn intervals. This works well for me because doing 40 mins three times a week works better than doing 50 minutes once a week because I have limited precious "me" time before little girl wakes up and I like consistency, strange woman I am! 
I haven't decided how to make the programme work for me around races yet, I'll cross that bridge when it comes! It will probably mean that I need to skip some cardio sessions. That shouldn't matter because I'm getting cardio out of my race, but the kind of cardio on the DVD is a interval one, whereas I keep a constant pace throughout a race.  
There's only one more "problem" for me, and that is I wish I had a better range of weights. Although Chalene teaches you to mentally imagine your weights are heavier, I can't help feeling like I'm not getting as much out of it by having my heaviest weight being 4.5kg and then if I use a wrist weight I can lift 4.76kg max. My next weight down from the 4.5kg in my dumbell tree is a 2.3kg which is too light but for some exercises such as tricep extensions I can't quite lift 4.5kg so I have some spinlock weights set to 3.75kg. Now I could use these weights to get higher than 4.76kg, but then I have to waste time keep adjusting them. Argh! I'm at the point where I wonder if I should bite the bullet and join a gym and put the workout on my iPhone. It's an expensive solution working out in excess of £300 per year, so I wonder if I should bite a different bullet and buy a £200 set of quick-adjust weights... or do I buy another set of spinlock weights? I can get 10 sets of those for the price of the quick adjust weights, but then there's the space issue... What would you do?  

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