Friday, 4 May 2012

My race diary

I was very excited to receive my race number in the post for the Whitstable 10k. I was worried that I wouldn't get in because I left it to the last minute to send my entry form. There are 700 places and I am number 660. The running club will be putting on a coach so it should be a really nice day out.

It inspired me to find other races I'd like to do in the near future, and print and fill in the forms. I now have 4 open envelopes on my desk each with a form and an S.A.E. for my race number. All they need is a cheque and I can seal and send them off! 

So this is my diary of chosen races so far:

7th May - Whitstable 10k (already registered)

13th May - Epping Family Fun Run - 5 miles

20th May - Lee Valley 10k (already registered)

4th June - Hatfield Broad Oak 10k

1st July- High Ongar 10k

15th July - Brentwood 10k 

Hopefully I will be able to beat the time I did at North Weald, which was 1hr 05mins. One of the coaches at my running club predicts I'll make it in 1hr 02. Wish me luck! I have to remember to start slow so that I don't get any stitches this time! Hopefully I'll be a little less nervous than I was lat time though. I ran really well on Wednesday and might run tonight, I can't decide whether I should go or just rest as Whitstable is on Monday.

I've noticed that a lot of the races only give out commemorative t'shirts at the end which is a shame because I quite liked the idea of collecting medals! I used to do it when I was around about my early teens. We were in town with Mum when we saw a stall where they were rounding up troops for the local fun run and I said I wanted to do it. I remember Mum saying "it's 3 miles, are you sure?" I had no idea what 3 miles was but just wanted to do it so my Mum signed me, my sister and my step dad up. I did really well and got a silver medal. It was a great family day out and I'm sure my mum has photos of us all crossing the finish somewhere! I was a "tomboy" at the time and had a horrible short hair cut! It's no wonder I got picked on at school! Anyway from there we had a summer of races, I particularly remember going to Great Baddow, and Hatfield Peverel (that one was really hard at the time as it was 5 miles). Over the winter there were no more races so we lost the momentum and didn't do it any more.     

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