Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Running vs. ChaLEAN Extreme

My running has taken off in a big way and I'm really enjoying it. In fact I have come to enjoy it so much, I look forward to every training session and would now consider it to be my soul mate workout.

Chalene Johnson says that finding your soulmate workout is not unlike looking for love, think about the characteristics you would prefer and it makes perfect sense - I love working out in groups but don't want to join a gym or go to classes where I feel uncoordinated and clumsy. Running has been the perfect solution for me. 

I enjoy it so much I now go to training sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and throughout the summer I hope to continue going to races most weekends. 

There's only one little problem - and that is that it's clashing with my ambition to complete ChaLEAN Extreme. I've already had to drop the cardio sessions in favour of running and now I feel like I need to rest up after every running session because I push myself out of my comfort zone. This doesn't leave me with much of a window of opportunity to carry out three sessions of resistance training every week. In fact, it mostly leaves me with the morning before a run and I'm concerned it will affect my performance.

As I know how important resistance training is to your metabolism and that it supports my running was at a real conundrum - am I making excuses or am I wise to be concerned about over-training?

It turns out I am being wise - I asked my brother and my sister for advice as the are both fitness professionals and they have told me to drop down to one resistance training session per week and build up from there.    

As a result, I have decided to follow their advice, yet continue to use ChaLEAN Extreme to keep it mixed up a bit so I don't get bored (as that is what attracted me to the programme in the first place). This means it will take me longer to complete the programme, but at least I will feel the achievement of following it through to the end at some point, rather than giving up. 

Before signing off for the day, a little update regarding my stone in 7 weeks challenge - sadly I'm 4lbs off target, meaning I need to drop 10lbs in 3 weeks which just isn't very realistic. I'm not going to give up trying though :-)

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