Monday, 16 July 2012

Brentwood Beer & Music Festival

I had so much fun with little girl in Epcot. Believe it or not the places where we had the most fun were in the United Kingdom and America!

In the USA there was a live band and my girl loved it! She ran up and down the aisles of seats dancing and clapping and instead of standing there watching like a lemon I got to run arond with her, smiling and dancing by her side. It definitely made it more fun for me! She definitely enriches my life.

American Gardens Theatre, Epcot
When we went to the UK there was a little maze around a bandstand which we had fun running around an then on our way back to the middle of the lake to find the others we passed England agan and there was a cover band playing on the bandstand and again we had fun running around dancing.

Bandstand & Maze at the United Kingdom Pavillion, Epcot
When we got back to the UK I decided to do a search for more outdoor music events to go to and it just happened that the Brentwood Festival was on the following weekend. With general cover bands as well as dedicated ones such as Bootleg Beatles, One Step Behind and Dookie I knew it would be fun. I booked two tickets for the Saturday and Kids were free.

A few days before the event the UK had severe weather warnings for rain. They weren't kidding! The heavens opened, the Saturday was pretty wet, we all got muddy but it didn't spoil or fun. My girl loved it! She ran right to the front of the crowd and was too small to see over the gates so I lifted her up where she waved and clapped. When my arms got tired I tried to put her down but she cried because she wanted to be lifted up again! Thankfully my sister was happy to help out so we managed it between us. It was such a giggle because she enjoyed it so much and would never have gone to the front if it wasn't for her! We enjoyed it all the more. 

  The beer was good and I did my classic totally unadventurous beer festival thing - I tried a few until I found one I loved and then stuck with it for the rest of the night! Marvellous Maple really is Marvellous :-)

My girl did really well, she enjoyed Undercover so much she slept all the way through Dookie. The front man of Undercover wasn't kidding, close your eyes and you'd think you were listening to Green Day, they really were good. My sister and I loved their set. I particularly liked it when they did songs from Nimrod and Dookie because they made me nostalgic. I noticed that the yongsters stopped signing and dancing at that point though :-/

One step behind were so much fun, it was really cool to see the whole audience really getting into it, all ages skanking around. It felt a bit heart warming and I felt quite proud of my roots for want of a better expression, it's hard to describe.

Bootleg Beatles were good, it was quite a nice chilled out singsong after the fun of One Step Behind. The line-up was very well thought out in my opinion. Half way through their set it became apparent that little girl was really knackered and it was only fair to take her home. She'd been so well behaved all day!

I would do it again in a heartbeat - here's to more outdoor music events if I can find any - please let me know if you know of any in coming up in Essex or Hertfordshire!

The day I wrote this I went to help out at the Children's Centre for the Buggy Walk, where I was told we were in the paper! I was a bit worried about my image - taking my baby to a beer festival, but thankfully the written content emphasises upon the festival being a family day out, with comments from another mum who took her 2 year old along.


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