Friday, 20 July 2012

Fancy Dress!

My sister-in-law has invited us to Hastings this weekend for a pirate day, but she stipulated that we must be in fancy dress. This is not a problem, I enjoyed many outings in fancy dress during my former university and then rugby-playing days - chav nite, James bond nite, toga nite... it's been a while since I last did fancy dress, my 30th birthday where I dressed as a Greek goddess. I was about 5 months pregnant. I think it's fun!

Chav nite - 2007!

I did a but of pirate research online as you do and got some ideas together. It was funny that as I was putting something together I pulled out a dress I was going to throw out. I didn't use it in the end but it changed my mind about throwing out clothes I don't wear anymore - I've decided to start putting them into a "dressing up" box for my little girl. 

I remember one of my friends had one when I was a kid and we used to love it! Her mum put in a few posh frocks so we could dress up as princesses. Whilst writing that I remembered I was so impressed my Mum and Auntie went and bought me and my sister some used bridesmaid dresses!

I've now emptied that bag of clothes I was going to get rid of into a spare drawer in her bedroom. I also put a few extra items in that I know I'll no longer wear but couldn't quite face throwing out including a really cool dress I once wore to a xmas party. 

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