Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Goals revisited

My lovely sister and I are re-doing Chalene Johnsons 30 day Push. Whilst my priorities remain unchanged from before, goals can change every week even though you are thinking about the year ahead. Here are my goals:

This year, wouldn’t it be crazy cool if:
1. I am super organised in the kitchen – I produce weekly meal plans and do the groceries every Friday, I cook on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays – freezing portions for run nights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
2. Ellis & Mays breaks even we I draw a decent wage 
3. My husband & I have weekly business meetings so we’re “on the same page” and communicate better. We agree to some common weekly goals for the business instead of having conflicting agendas all the time. 
4. We buy our own property 
5. I complete the London Duathlon
6. I can run 10 miles
7. I complete my Nutrition Diploma by aiming to write a minimum of 100 words towards my assignments every day
8. I am completely out of my "funk" – I am thinner, so getting dressed is no longer a chore. I dress nicely (not trying to hide the wobbles), fix my hair and make-up every morning and actually BELIEVE I look nice every single day. 
9. I start every single day with some reverse engineering, I swallow a frog and decide what 3 things I will do to push my goals forward. 
10. I keep up my blog as a creative account of beautiful memories of great days out I’ve had with my family as well as bits of other random musing. Full of only writing that I am passionate about, it is a good tool for revealing my priorities and what is truly important to me.
Remember, goals are just dreams until you put them on paper. This is a worthwhile task, try it if you haven't already :-)

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