Friday, 27 July 2012

The duathlon pressure is on

For some reason, sometimes it takes a great deal of pressure to get me motivated. I knew from about February that I was going to Florida in June, but didn't really knuckle down with my diet efforts until I had 40 days to go. Similarly I signed up for the London Duathlon in January, but have I done much outdoor cycle training so far? Um.... no! 

Last week it occurred to me that I now have only 7 Sundays left to train and I'm knackered after a 10k run, not to mention the formidable challenge distance of 10k run, 20k cycle, 5k run ahead of me on 9.9.12

Finally I was motivated to get out there and do some transition training on Sunday. I left a message on the forum of my running club seeking any willing transition training partners as I knew that this would be the accountability I needed and I had two takers. No getting out of it now!  

I read that when you are building up endurance, you should look to increase no more than 10% per week. As I identified I have 7 Sundays left so working backwards I drew up the following training plan for the coming Sundays:

22.7.12: 5.13 km run, 10.26 km cycle, 2.57 km run
29.7.12: 5.64 km run, 11.29 km cycle, 2.82 km run
05.8.12: 6.21 km run, 12.42 km cycle, 3.11 km run
12.8.12: 6.83 km run, 13.66 km cycle, 3.42 km run
19.8.12: 7.51 km run, 15.02 km cycle, 3.76 km run
26.8.12: 8.26 km run, 16.52 km cycle, 4.13 km run
02.9.12: 9.09 km run, 18.18 km cycle, 4.55 km run
09.9.12: Race day – 10km run, 20km cycle, 5km run

So, last Thursday I did a bit of planning ahead - I removed the seat from my bike and placed it in the airing cupboard to dry out (shamefully, yes I do keep my bike outside because the shed is full of tools.

Sunday I went for my first training session. It took me a while to get out the house, namely because I forgot I needed to replace my seat! Then I couldn't find the armband for my GPS...

Eventually I made it out to the park, locked up my bike and headed off on the forst running leg. When I'd covered 2 miles I realised I was meant to be counting in kilometres! I turned and ran back to my bike and thankfully I didn't run too much further than I'd intended. The bike was a bit of a shocker for me, I can't believe how out of practice  I am, I found it really tough, especially with the hills in the second half of the Thorndon Park circuit and not to mention having to pass big, scary cows. Mummy cows mooing at their calves. I had to dismount for the final hill shamefully, I was near spent so for the final run leg I really felt it. My legs were tired and I ran like I was 100 years old! My legs ached for the rest of the day, it's certainly challenging and I can't believe that in 6 weeks time I'll be doing double the distance! I really hope I make it, I am determined to stick with the schedule I designed above. Watch this space!

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