Monday, 30 July 2012

Why a Facebook cull is bad

Round about 2007 time I decided it was a good idea to have a Facebook cull, and remove all of the people I hadn't spoken to in over a year. I had moved from Cardiff back to Essex and there were a fair few faces I'd gradually lost touch with, and there were friends who I hadn't even spoken to since I'd left Essex for Cardiff in 2003. If I remember rightly, at the time I was in a new relationship, a new rugby team life was looking good and I wanted a fresh start.

Years later I think it was such a shame, especially as since then I'd added one friend from school, and then lots of people from my old school started adding me. Before I knew it, a significant proportion of my friends were people I had known from school, people I hadn't spoke to for over a decade, let alone a few years. What bothers me slightly is that it looks as if I never moved on! There are no friends to account for that space in-between and what bothers me even more are the moments where something will fire my memory and I'll think to myself "I wonder what such-and-such is up to nowadays"... Well I'd know if I hadn't bloomin' deleted them off Facebook! I'm too embarrassed to send a fresh friend request, besides it would be a miracle if I could remember what such-and-such's last name is! 

I often wonder what my old friends for Llandaff North Rugby Club are up to now... do they have children... blah blah. I also sometimes miss the guys I used to drink with in the Yellow Kangaroo and old class mates from Writtle College and old colleagues. If any of you should ever for some reason read this, I am very sorry for deleting you and please get in touch :-)

To everyone else - never Facebook cull!


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