Monday, 20 August 2012

A tough decision

Firstly I must apologise for my weeks' absence. I had some exciting news and as a result my mind has been elsewhere for some time but now I'm back!

During the past week I was sitting in my garden drinking tea at 3pm. It was a lovely afternoon, pretty warm in the sunshine and I thought it would be nice to get my daughters' paddling pool out. I then realised that come 3pm the sunniest spots of the garden are dominated by my generously sized greenhouse and the vegetable patch, followed by our cute little bistro set on the paved area by the house. 

I thought it was a bit unfair to dominate the sunniest part of the garden entirely by my own hobby and it is time to share. My husband has complained on several occasions about the size of the greenhouse and I've been reluctant to give in, but I think it is now time to do so. I think he is right that I could easily bring on my seedlings via cloches along the garden boundary and turf the rest of the area allowing games and paddling pools in the sun. To be fair the greenhouse requires a lot of repair work and is no longer fit for purpose, there are broken panes of glass which have been patched together with plastic sheets and the weed suppressant beneath the paving has obviously degraded so I spend as much time weeding as I do everything else!

I am going to be very sorry to see my lovely greenhouse go. I have spent many happy hours carefully sowing seeds and bringing on new life, but I daresay I will spend many more happy hours sitting at the bistro set by the Olive tree watching my girl and possibly her siblings having fun in the garden. After all, these would be the lives that bringing on and nurturing would give me the very most satisfaction and who knows, when they're older maybe they too might enjoy sowing the cloches. They may even ask why we don't have a greenhouse...!



  1. exciting news and talk of siblings all in the same post. Hmmm do you have news for us Helene?

  2. No news yet, but watch this space :-)