Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cross training

A few posts ago I mentioned how I need to rebuild strength training into my weekly schedule. It is important that runners do some cross training, in particular some strength training, and apart from getting on my bike on a Sunday all I do at the moment is run. Running is indeed my soul mate workout, but as Chalene Johnson says, whilst you should be monogamous to your actual soul mate you don't need to be monogamous to your soul mate workout. It's time to find a second soul-mate work out to cross train with running, ideally something that requires a but of strength.

I revised the soul mate chapter in Chalene Johnson's book (Push), did the work sheet and these were my findings:  
I am sociable and love working out in a group scenario which is why I like running with the club so much. It also suits me because although you are working as part of a group, the results are very individual so the pressurized dynamics of team working are not part of it. What also suits me is the fact that it’s very efficient – I actually feel like I’ve had a good workout at the end of it, unlike pilates, which isn’t even relaxing like yoga.

I think a similar group yet individual scenario might be found in an exercise class. It looks as if I get the most enjoyment out of dancing, but I’m not very co-ordinated and struggle with classes such as Zumba. To be fair I’ve never really stuck in there though, and I imagine it must get easier the more you try. I think I don’t have the patience to learn it if I’m brutally honest which is a shame because the sports I wish I had mastered (gymnastics & Ice Skating) take time and learning of skills and then having the exhilaration of being able to use that skill. 
I think it’s why I enjoyed skiing so much. Controlled exhilaration - it was better than simply being on a ride because it was all my own doing.
On the converse I enjoy dance only when it’s 100% freestyle, no thinking, just enjoying the music. So in that respect I would need something really easy to follow.

When I was a member of fitness first, I remember really enjoying body pump – lifting weights to music. They do this at the Brentwood Centre and I think I should try that as a "date". Strength training is very important and to be honest, as much as I love ChaLEAN Extreme I just didn’t enjoy doing it alone in my front room with the music on quiet because the only time I could do it was when little girl was in bed! 
When looking at the class time table, I realized that time is a big constraint, there were other classes I’d like to try but they just don’t fit around my running! An example being 20/20/20 (aerobics, weights and step) – it’s very important I rest on a Tuesday before a club run and on Saturday before transition training, so that just leaves Thursdays for dating until after the duathlon. Thankfully Body Pump is on a Thursday night! 

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