Friday, 10 August 2012

I love Body Pump!

 Full of enthusiasm I went along to body pump. It was like love was in the air, pure magic. The loud music, the big weights, the adrenaline of lifting them to the point of fatigue... I left that room exhausted yet gagging for more! So much so that I have decided when I've done the duathlon I might start going on Saturday mornings too!
What I really loved was the timing of the class - at 20:30 little girl is (normally) already tucked up in bed and my hubby is busy watching something boring on the television so I don't feel like I'm missing out on any further family time which is important to me as I already miss the bedtime routine 3 nights week because of the running as it is. 
So this is what my weekly training schedule looks like now...
Monday: running - high intensity interval track speed training

Tuesday: rest/ChaLEAN Extreme stretching session

Wednesday: club run - moderate intensity approx. 60 mins

Thursday: body pump strength session

Friday: running - high intensity interval hills session

Saturday: *

Sunday: moderate intensity duathlon training OR high intensity cross country race

* Saturday's

Before London Duathlon OR after the duathlon but attending cross country race on Sunday: rest/ChaLEAN Extreme stretching session

After London Duathlon and IF no cross country run on Sunday: body pump strength session

After the London Duathlon I will join the gym so I can do two Body Pump sessions most weeks

When the weather turns bad I will need to find an alternative for Monday's as it will be too muddy for track. I wonder what this will be... they do circuit training at the Brentwood Centre on a Monday evening so I might give that a "date". If I start to do two sessions of Body Pump per week after the duathlon monthly membership will be cost effective, so by doing another class on a Monday I will get more value for money. It also means that when I take little girl swimming, I will only need to pay £1 for her entry. 

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