Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Muscle recovery

I really enjoy running and I like to push myself. Wednesday nights are club run nights. The club is split into groups of ability in relation to how fast you can run a mile. I choose to run with a group I find tough. I am usually at the back, especially when we go up hills and I like it that way. Being at the back doesn't bother me, someone has to be at the back. I love the feeling I have at the end of the run and I love stretching by "the wall" at the end. Everybody I've ever run with at the club knows how much I love the wall!

I spend a nice, long time stretching by the wall and I have a physio foam roller indoors to really get to the muscles if I'm particularly sore. Just before I went on holiday I found that periods of soreness after a run were decreasing. Since I returned from holiday I've noticed that they've increased again. It could be because I gained half a stone, it could be because I seriously reduced the length of my runs for 2.5 weeks. Whatever the reason, I need to build an extra day of training into my week so that I can do the transition training I need to do for the duathlon so I need faster recovery.

My sister mentioned this morning that she was considering trying a new protein shake by Jodie Marsh, but it was only available in a large container and she was worried she might dislike the taste. I looked at the weblink she sent me and told her that I'd go halves with her to share the risk.

I've never tried protein shakes in my life and I'm quite excited. I worked out that I would need to drink nearly an entire litre of milk to get the same amount of protein, and the calories in the shake are a lot less than that of a litre of milk. 

We've ordered the cappuccino flavour and I now wish I had an ice blender so that I could have two frappes per day out of them, wouldn't that be lush?! The website recommends 2 shakes daily - one before and one after workout. I can't eat a thing before a run otherwise I am sick, so I'll have the first as my afternoon snack and the second when I return from a run.

I am currently running 3 times per week with a view to building up to 4 and I'm no longer doing any strength training. Hopefully if this can decrease my recovery period a bit I can build not only build the 4th run in, but also build 1 or 2 strength training sessions back into my early mornings!

Watch this space... 



  1. Over workout can lead to sore muscles and pain.. Adequate rest and proper eating of nutritious can be the main factor to recover muscles.

  2. Thanks Muscle Recovery, you have a valid point. Adequate rest is very important but I need to build my endurance for a duathlon on 9/9/12 so I need to reduce recovery time best I can. What are your favorite recovery meals?