Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Removing the cot sides

I'm only 148cms which equates to roughly 4 foot 10. This used to really bother me when I was younger, it particularly bothered me for about a decade from my late teens to late twenties before I settled down with my husband and stopped going out to bars. It used to get on my nerves that once the night was underway and everyone had drunk a few beers it was the perfect ice breaker for random men. "How tall are you?". After a while my standard response became "ummmm not very!". Shallowly, whether that response was followed by a cheeky grin or a frown depended on whether I liked the look of the enquirer but nine times out of ten it was a bored frown given the amount of times I'd been asked that very question in my life.

Upon reflection I should have been flattered that people wanted to "break the ice" often enough to irritate me with the same line, and it's difficult to approach someone you have never met before. Maybe I should have been more sympathetic but it's besides the point of my post today!

For some time now my little girl's cot has been on the lowest setting and I am so short that putting her into bed gently is actually quite a challenge so when my friend told me she had put her 2 year old in a toddler bed it lit a bulb in my mind. I announced to my husband that evening that I had decided it was time to remove the sides from the cot. It was quite exciting doing it and little girl seemed to find it quite a novelty.

After we put little girl to bed, my husband and I closed the baby gate on her bedroom door and sat at the top of the stairs in the dark. Not a sound. She didn't once attempt to get out of bed. I was amazed. Eventually we went into the sitting room but I couldn't relax so I went to bed where I could hear any noises from her room better and read.

I awoke in the morning with a jolt. No bumps in the night of little girl falling out of bed. Nothing! I said it my husband "it can't be that easy?!" and went to her room. I found her asleep on the floor and I felt so guilty. I wondered how long she'd slept there and whether she would feel stiff on waking. I gently put her back in bed which made her stir and within ten minutes she was awake.

I posted an update on Facebook about how guilty I felt and one of my Mummy friends told me you can buy little sides, smaller than cot sides with room for your toddler to get in and out of bed at the ends. I didn't want my girl to spend another night on the floor so I went to the shops that very morning! What I bought is by no means aesthetically pleasing, in fact it's quite hideous looking so hopefully we won't need to use it for long!     

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