Friday, 3 August 2012

Toddler on an airplane revisited

I really needn't have been nervous about taking my little girl on the airplane. We took her to Orlando and I just didn't think - of course it's a family destination! The plane was (half) filled with families. Better still, because it was during term time, the families were all young so we were all in the same boat (or airplane, rather!)

While we waited for our gate to open we had breakfast in Cafe Rouge where we could see airplanes taking off. Little girl loved this and now gets very excited when she sees airplanes out of the window when she's sat at the dining table at home!

The actual flight itself was fine. Apart from trying to get her to settle for a nap, in which we had to just hold her down and let her cry it out for ten mins, she was really well behaved. It helped that the plane wasn't full so no-one sat in the empty seat beside us. This way little girl had a seat of her very own! 

The crayons went down well, bt she did try to eat them which wasn't very cool! About half way through the flight she started to feel a bit restless so I pursuaded my husband to let me walk her up and down the aisles. She absolutely loved this. She fond another little girl to chase around deck. Thankfully because the plane was half empty the aisles were not so busy.

It was funny when we landed. Little girl was really well behaved when we went through the first queue for customs. We collected or bags and then joined the second queue for customs. This time we queued behind a family whose children each had a Trunki. 

Before I knew it my little gril was gone - she literally pushed the poor girl off her trunki and sped off. I cought her jst as she was about to pass the customs line! Now that would've been scary...!

I couldn't resist it - while we were out there I insisted on buying a Trunki for the flight home. It was quite a bad idea because while we were queuing little girl kept wanting to speed off! As a result we endured a few minor tantrums but I don't regret the prchase because when she's old enough to understand she could get lost hopefully she'll enjoy using it properly!

Going on a bit of a tangent she really amazes me with her confidence - she runs off without a care of whether she's being followed. Is this because she takes it for granted that I'm always there? I see other children who always check that Mum is still there but she doesn't. Sometimes it's quite sad because it makes me feel somewhat redundant. Now that she can swim she doesn't want me anywhere near her in the pool! On the flip side I'm so very proud of my little girl :-) 

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