Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hoorah the Autumn is coming!

The mornings are getting chillier. There's no doubt about it, Autumn is on it's way and I love it, it's my most favourite time of the year.

I love the colours of the leaves as they turn to shades of reds golds and browns and fall to the floor, the muddy smell of them composting into the ground.

I love evening walks in the dark with the smell of bonfires and fireworks, and the sounds of excited children.

I love cosy chunky knits, high denier opaque tights, fleece-lined boots and wooly hats and scarves.

I love that cosy feeling you get when you see the steam of your breath in the air but you're not cold because of your wooly clothes.

Then I love the cosy night indoors in front of our open fire.

I've recently come to also love the Blackberries coming out at this time of year because my daughter enjoys picking them.

As the festive spirit of Christmas looms the atmosphere around us grows more excitable, it's even better now we have little girl. I look forward to gathering holly and making decorations with her. 



  1. I love Autumn too and for most of the same reasons as you!

  2. Autumn really does bring out or natural urge to hibernate doesn't it? I agree too, having children makes us make the most of and celebrate the seasons and special days more.