Saturday, 5 April 2014

What a brilliant idea - I'm inspired

I love my two girls so much and it has been really important to me right from the very start of parenthood that my children know how much they are loved and wanted. I hope that I never let them down. 

As a result I was really excited by an idea I saw on Facebook today. One of my local friends has set up an email account for each of her two children that she will hand over to them on a significant birthday. It contains messages and anecdotes from loved ones. 

What a lovely, simple and effective method of journal keeping. You can attach photos and all sorts and you can do it from anywhere. Up until now I've been trying to update a scrap book but it's honestly so difficult to find the time to select and print the photos and glue in the book. When I'm not working I'm parenting, and when I'm not parenting I'm housekeeping and then when I'm not housekeeping I'm shattered and most likely social networking and if I'm lucky enough, I've got the time to write a blog post!  

I am was so inspired by what I saw I put my phone down and fired up the laptop for the first time in ages to create the email accounts. Now they're up and running I can send emails from my phone. It's brilliant. So brilliant I felt the need to share it on my blog. 

Tonight the girls are with their Dad. Unfortunately since my last post we have parted ways. This is how I find myself with the time to post to my blog for the first time in ages! Since the separation, the depression mentioned in my previous post has lifted due to having less expectations to deal with, so it was definitely the right move to make.   

To mark this massive life shift I have changed the layout of my blog :-)

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